Jiva’s Latest Hire

Jiva.ai is delighted to announce its latest hire, James Robinson to the team. James joins as a Software Engineer/Data Scientist and shall report directly into CTO Richard Hammersley. He shall be based in our new Cardiff office.

James will be initially working on server-side code to support platform development, as well as JivaRDX integration development. He will also be  getting stuck into some data science and machine learning problems on the platform product. 

James has a doctorate in computational molecular physics and is a graduate from Cardiff University, he has spent a number of years at Equiniti as a lead software developer and solution designer, and is a Java/Spring expert. 

Finding the right people for your team can be one of the most difficult tasks in building a start-up. Selecting James really was a no-brainer. Bright, enthusiastic and completely onboard with the company ethos and culture – what a great fit for Jiva!

Dr Manish Patel, CEO 

For more information please contact: info@jiva.ai

Sarah D'Souza

COO @ Jiva. Absolute legend.

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