Why join

Jiva is a team of amazing, talented individuals who are passionate about improving outcomes in healthcare and beyond.

Why join

We have a friendly team that supports each other with empathy and understanding

We work together to ensure a happy and productive working environment

We help to train and develop individual members of the team in areas that they are passionate about

We are involved in a number of equally interesting and impactful projects so your day will always be varied and interesting

We have diversity in people and minds, you will always be in an environment dedicated to learning and improvement

Team Culture

There is no Jiva without the team. We build our entire team culture around our core company values, listed below.

Working at an agile, fast-paced company like Jiva is being right at the coalface – and is often a crucible of accelerated free thinking. The type of work that we do by its very nature is not easy. At Jiva we strive to create an arena for healthy, evidence-based debate and seek to improve our products through that evolutionary process.

Employees are actively encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone. In doing so we create a talent pool of highly functional and productive individuals.

We place heavy focus on entrepreneurial thinking from every level of the business, so much so that employees can benefit from % of revenues earned as a bonus.

Core Values

Jiva is a no-egos company. Yes, we take pride in our work and pride in what we do… but we can’t and won’t let egos get in the way of good progress and culture. Starting from board level.

When you put your heart and soul into something, satisfaction is guaranteed. We aspire to be a company wherein everyone has the opportunity to pour their inner intensity into their work.

Work-life and home-life often intertwine, especially post pandemic. At we want our team to feel comfortable with that dividing line. Work to live, not live to work.

The early stages of is dedicated to AI in healthcare. There is an immeasurable human outcome to our work. We will not forget why we innovate. It’s not just because it’s interesting or cool – it is because we want to create a positive, lasting impact.

Every employee is given the responsibility to own their projects. It is theirs to take care of, nurture and deliver, and to ensure quality and pride in productivity. Fundamentally, this comes down to trusting every individual.

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