Why Jiva

Jiva delivers value to businesses that will ultimately benefit from an enhanced and democratised Data Science & AI as a service.

Significant Resource Savings

The simple use of no-code platforms in any business unit yields significant cost savings – according to TechRepublic up to a 10x increase in productivity with 70% fewer resources!

These benefits are magnified significantly in the context of AI and data science. Resource costs here are traditionally very high, justified by realised return on investment. Our aim is to maintain that high level of ROI whilst reducing the burden to get there.

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Increased Productivity

R&D is expensive in terms of money and time. That resource must be used wisely. At Jiva we will be constantly improving our own approach to delivering a low-code ways of rapidly creating complex AI solutions.

Check out our YouTube channel for demos on how to produce machine learning projects in less than 60 seconds – solutions that would take days or even weeks to develop in code.

Speed to Revenue

The opportunity to create new business and revenue streams by adopting AI is a well-documented one.

If you are an SME or start-up and you’re looking to augment your product with machine learning capability, using a platform like Jiva could be the key to reaching your potential faster. Jiva offers professional services alongside its platform offering to ensure your journey to is smooth and the transition to self-managed AI infrastructure goes without a hitch.

Under special circumstances we will consider discounted prices for start-ups.

Revenue Potential
Jiva Infrastructure consolidation

Consolidated Infrastructure

Jiva is a cloud-enabled AI platform. As such, we situate all of our functionality on cloud from start to finish that is easily managed through your subscription.

Ideation and R&D costs are consolidated under a single subscription

Collaborative ``repo-like`` development enabled for your whole organisation

Validation activity is consolidated on the same infrastructure

Deployment and ongoing maintenance is managed entirely on the same platform

Automatic, managed DevOps

Competitive Advantage

Remaining at the cutting edge of technology will be key to maintaining a competitive in your market.

This is a two step process:

Develop the mechanics that create a competitive edge

Maintain those mechanics so that you remain ahead of the game

Check out our case studies to see how using our approach to create a AI/Data Science as-a-service delivers precisely this.

maintain competitive advantage

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