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Technology Export Cluster Ignition Event

Jiva.ai has been accepted onto the Welsh Government Technology Export Cluster Programme 2022!


The programme is open to ambitious, Welsh technology businesses, will run over 3 years, and is designed for tech business at all stages of their export journey. 


The TEC Programme will allow us to develop new channels for growth. Expand our collaborative peer network and streamline our processes in regards to export.


The TEC Programme is one of the avenues supporting the Export Cluster Programme, an initiative developed by the Welsh Government as part of the Export Action Plan for Wales. It aims to cultivate a strong, vibrant and sustainable exporting sector to strengthen the economy. Safeguard existing, as well as creating, new jobs and opportunities for people in Wales.


Economy Minister Vaughan Gething, announced the Export Cluster Programme during 2019 and said:


“The Welsh Government is committed to working with companies across Wales to help them create new jobs in the industries of the future.”


For more information please contact: info@jiva.ai

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