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Jiva Welcomes New Data Scientist Hire is thrilled to announce its latest hire, Mohamed Mostafa to the team. Mohamed joins as a Senior Data Scientist/AI Engineer and reports directly to CTO Richard Hammersley. He is based in our Cardiff office, located at Tramshed Tech.

Mohamed will be working on challenging data science and machine learning problems which will guide the development of our no-code/low-code machine learning platform.

Mohamed has a doctorate in Data Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University and most recently was a senior lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He is an expert level software engineer and has led several AI & data science teams on a variety of complex problems.

The success of this company is predicated on the quality, drive, vision and passion of its team. I’m incredibly excited to have Mohamed – a seasoned data scientist with solid experience in real-word problem solving – join us at this most critical juncture where he will plug in to development of our AI platform.

Dr Manish Patel, CEO 

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Sarah D'Souza

COO @ Jiva. Absolute legend.

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