Jiva joins TechNation Applied AI

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Jiva.ai has joined Tech Nation Applied AI 4.0.

The programme is specifically designed for growing the UK’s most exciting AI companies and supporting the most driven and talented teams to create real-world impact.

Jiva.ai is a no-code platform that can empower any company or individual to create AI technology that works for them, all without writing a single line of code. Imagine even a small fraction of the circa 14,000 life science companies in the UK alone, who do not have access to data science and AI engineering resources, suddenly being able to rapidly prototype their own solutions… Analyses that could, eventually, contribute to changing and saving lives.

That is the real-world impact Jiva wants to bring about.

Richard Hammersley (CTO, all-round clever person) said:

Jiva is an AI-first company intent on improving people’s lives through easy access to AI technology.
It’s a great opportunity for us to join the Tech Nation Applied AI programme and to receive guidance and experience from the experts, coaches and mentors in the programme. We are  looking forward to Jiva AI continuing to scale up through the support of the the Applied AI programme.

And Jarrod Germano (CRO, super-salesman) said:

These types of programs are incredibly important for scale-up companies seeking to grow their revenue operations. They feed into the right networks – people and organisations – with the knowhow and connectivity to help those companies launch. We are very excited about joining the 4th iteration of this program and I’m very much look forward to showing everyone what Jiva is all about!


Sarah D'Souza

COO @ Jiva. Absolute legend.

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