Jiva.ai joins P4 Precision Medicine Class of 2020

Press Release

Jiva has been accepted on another great accelerator: P4 Precision Medicine.

The program seeks the worlds leading Precision Medicine startups to support through development, regulation, investment, adoption and scale to UK and international markets to innovate and advance the healthcare landscape. It curates an ecosystem of physical space and specialist to support precision medicine innovations to develop research into world leading technology, support to gain regulatory approval and adoption not only to the UK healthcare system but scale internationally.

Entry into this program comes at an interesting time in the company’s journey: not only is Jiva about to open its second round of funding, but the country is in the grip of a global pandemic. We have no doubt that our participation in this program will solidify our position in the marketplace as an exciting, innovative company that can weather the pending storm and make a positive, palpable impact to healthcare.

Jiva AI

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