Jiva.ai is selected for IBM HPA Class of 2022


Cybersecurity is now a central theme for most businesses, with some estimates putting the average annual cost of a breach per company at almost $4M. This is of course especially important when handling sensitive data – credit card information, personal details, bank account numbers, health records… the list goes on. 

Being an AI-as-a-service, where the Jiva.ai platform stores and processes all sorts of information on behalf of its clients, the company takes the issue of cybersecurity extremely seriously. Jiva currently works with a number of organisations including healthcare, where the security of highly confidential data is of paramount importance.

Which is why we are absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve made it on to the IBM/Village Capital Hyper Protect Accelerator after a vetting process that involved 232 applicants and only 46 places. As part of the program, Jiva.ai will enjoy the benefits of having expert level technical mentorship as well as investor support and an array of other activities that will ensure that Jiva.ai can provide the most secure service possible for its customers. 

Connections: Opportunities to build deep connections with other founders in the cohort and Village Capital investor and alumni network.

Mentorship: 2 years of technical mentorship, where we will get access to IBM’s network of subject matter experts, partners, technicians, go-to-market support, co-marketing and branding.

Training: interactive sessions tailored to help us identify early milestones and prepare for capital raises.

Advice: access to an investment analyst to help validate financial models.

Exposure: Get featured on Village Capital’s program website and other collateral.

IBM Cloud Credits: Access to up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits, up to $10,000 per month for one year.

We look forward to our journey with IBM and Village Capital together. 

Manish Patel

CEO @ Jiva. Stringer of numbers in complex patterns.

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