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International Woman’s Day With Jiva.ai

Celebrate International Woman’s Day with us here at Jiva.ai as we take this opportunity to acknowledge that we have, and will continue to #breakthebias, read on as we shine the spotlight on our trailblazing women. Demonstrating how their influence is steering the course as we carve our place amongst the giants.


Kicking off International Woman’s Day with Linda Sidney, a regulatory assistant who joined the team in January.


In a previous life, Linda taught law within the University of Glamorgan before becoming the community learning manager within Cardiff Council. Providing a key reference point to the disability learning programme. Linda’s foray into regulatory affairs came about as her role within SSE expanded; finding her involvement placing her within global regulations.


With a keen eye Linda has pioneered all aspects of regulation within the company. Satisfied with only the best outcomes Linda led the team into creating and enabling an environment where this has become second nature. Designing a programme to enrol everyone within the company to ensure that we all work to the same goal achieving our visionary objectives.


Leading onto Dr. Esin Karahan a data scientist, who also joined the team in January.


Pursuing academia Esin achieved a Bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering, Master’s and PhD within biomedical engineering in Turkey. Setting sail she worked internationally across Asia and South America before settling in the UK.  


Esin’s contributions to the team are staggering! Leading the JivaRDX project, a prostate cancer diagnosis aid, she has developed innovative AI tools enabling complex and unique model development. This is a revolutionary space that is witnessing rapid growth in the healthcare system.

Closing International Woman’s Day with our Co-Founder and COO Sarah D’Souza.  


Sarah’s background encompasses a spread of achievement within the financial services, leading teams in critical management capacities. Committed to developing international business relations on global secondments as well as at home. And to top it off co-founded a separate company, Idexis Limited, that specialises in liability management and restructuring.


Following this path of success Sarah co-founded Jiva and is the supporting structure, her influence and direction is across the board; handling governance and compliance by curating the company playbook. Single handedly officiating the financial balance of all the separate teams, providing advice to all the concurrent projects. All whilst championing the brand, ensuring that our environment is a diverse, motivated and above all a positive workplace.


For more information please contact: info@jiva.ai

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