Dr Kaher Presents at BAUS 2019

Co-founder and Clinical Entrepreneur Dr Chetan Kaher presented Jiva.ai progress in machine learning of prostate cancer data at BAUS 2019.

The British Association of Urological Surgeons runs the conference event every year, which is attended by global medical leaders. Chetan was invited to share the platform with Prof Tony Young of the Clinical Entrepreneur Program and Prof Prokar Dasgupta to present Jiva’s latest progress on its groundbreaking work in detecting prostate cancer tumours in MRI scans.

The Jiva team prides itself on quality of work and pushing scientific boundaries; this was a watershed moment for Jiva.ai as it was the first public announcement of the team’s encouraging progress, which was very well received by the delegates.

Chetan Kaher presents at BAUS 2019

Chetan Kaher presents at BAUS 2019

Manish Patel

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