Chris Tossell Appointed to Advisory Board

It is with great pleasure that Jiva welcomes Christopher Tossell into a Board Advisory position, effective immediately.

Christopher is a serial entrepreneur in the health tech space. His experience in constructing successful pathways to business growth, broad knowledge of health tech innovation and extensive investment network will be invaluable to Jiva at this critical stage of the company as we look to accelerate beyond proof-of-concept and MVP in a number of product lines.

Christopher has over 10 years of experience in rapid growth organisations having previously played a critical role at digital health company The HCI Group, one of the fastest growing start-ups in the US.

He is our second appointment this week, after the announcement of our new CTO Richard Hammersley.

When Kevin came in as Chairman earlier this year it gave all of us a boost of confidence, because it meant validation in the team and company as well as an avenue through which we could explore his experience to grow in the right way. I feel the same excitement and boost as we welcome Chris to the team. Now we have two super stars on board, and I am more certain than ever that Jiva’s future is assured with advisors such as Chris guiding us through this very important stage.

Dr Manish Patel, CEO

For more information please contact:

Sarah D'Souza

COO @ Jiva. Absolute legend.

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